Op dit moment wordt er in Nederland helemaal niet meer gefokt. Het is voor ons dus ook niet echt heel erg nuttig om dekkaters aan te houden.
Mika gaat in ieder geval per december naar Zweden, hopelijk kan hij daar dan wel zijn steentje bijdragen. Hoe het met Tribble gaat lopen weten we nog niet. We wachten het eind van de winter af.

I think breeding here has just about stopped. We've not had a single request for a mating for either of our boys for months. Mika had a wonderful litter with Cattery Smeraldas in Germany, but after that there were no further requests.
So after some consideration we've decided to see whether he could go to Sweden to help the breed there, as the LaPerm seems to be thriving there. He'll be going to Cattery S*Agirshus in December, and I"m very happy that Jenny and Kirster are taking him. I look forward to seeing his kittens there!
In the meantime we're keeping Tribble for another few months. Possibly until spring.